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The non-surgical, body-contouring
procedure of cryolipolysis, better known as CoolSculpting®, kills and freezes
fat cells for good in nine FDA-approved treatment areas—with no downtime, no
less. We stress CoolSculpting is not considered a weight loss treatment;
rather, it eliminates challenging fat pockets that can’t be lost with diet and

Available for a little more than a
decade, CoolSculpting quickly caught on within the beauty treatment scene and
is now among the most popular body contouring procedures on the market. It is
offered for treatment on the following parts of the body: abdomen; flanks
(“love handles”); under the jawline and chin; inner and outer thighs; under the
buttocks; upper arms; and bra and back fat areas. 

What to Expect

Expect to devote 35 minutes to 60
minutes of your time during a treatment session. No anesthesia is required—and
as an added plus, the treatment allows you to relax, even to go as far as
catching up on emails, reading or chatting with a friend.

During the CoolSculpting procedure,
fatty areas are gently pinched between the CoolSculpting applicator, which
cools the fat, thereby causing the fat cells to crystallize and disappear. Once
the applicator disengages, a short massage on your preferred treated area helps
to further break up the fat cells.

The dead cells then break down and are
naturally eliminated from the body over a period of two to six months or
longer. Results vary, but you should see a 20 percent to 25 percent fat
reduction to that specific area within that timeframe.

Additional Info

Tugging, pulling, intense cold,
tingling, stinging and other sensations may occur during the procedure; side
effects include temporary redness, bruising, cramping and skin sensitivity,
according to the CoolSculpting site. You’re able to resume normal activities
after treatment.

Those who suffer from cryoglobulinemia,
cold agglutinin disease or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, or who have
undergone a recent surgery or have had a pre-existing hernia are encouraged not
to book a CoolSculpting treatment. 

Price point: The typical cost of
CoolSculpting ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per treatment plan.

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