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First Post!!!

I am Amanda new to the world of blogging and 18 months in to the adventure of becoming a digital nomad.  It has been an amazing transition!  I’ve had great adventures, traveled to new countries, learned a language, met wonderful people, and seen amazing nature.

I my journey started like most great adventures in my life by accident in 2017.  My neighbor got laid off and told me she was using her severance to back pack through Europe.  I immediately answered, I wish I could come!  When she responded, I wish you could too, we were off!  What was supposed to be a 3 week vacation became a 3 month adventure across 8 countries and 25 cities.

I spent all of 2018 exploring South America and learning Spanish.  Which brings me to now in Central America for the next 5 months.

I want to share my journey with you.  To share pictures, ideas of places to go and advice on what to do or where to stay when you get there.  I will let you know what pitfalls to avoid and how to navigate in new places.

I will also be very active in our Tourist.FYI Facebook Group 
Where we can all share our greatest adventures, ask questions and get great tips together!

Here’s to your next adventure, and please look in on mine


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