Many are Now Working From Far-Flung Destinations Due to Coronavirus – Robb Report

Suzanne Green is another of Calmeyer’s clients. She and her wife, Dana, relocated from their Clark, N.J., home in late 2020 to spend a month at Segera. The couple, 62 and 54, respectively, have visited Africa a number of times but never for such a lengthy period; two weeks was usually the maximum Green could spare from her job as a surgeon. Planned retirement earlier this year, and the turmoil of 2020, propelled the couple to consider a different kind of trip. Family members questioned their traveling so far away right now, but Green is pragmatic. “I feel less safe going to the grocery store, and we’re adventurous with a lot of common sense,” she says with a shrug. “When things here are so damaged, there’s such a pull to reconnect with nature right now, something almost primal. I want to be surrounded by the animals and be far away from what has been my daily routine. Social injustice, the pandemic—both stresses have taken a toll on us.” Green hopes that this vacation will be just the first of several extended African stays for the couple in the near future.

New Yorkers Tana Megalos and Jordan Liebowitz, with their dog, Taco, at Acre Baja in San José del Cabo, Mexico. 

Acre Baja

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