9 Things to know Traveling in Belize

I had a great 3 week stay in Belize.  Its a beautiful country, easy to get to, easy to get around and English speaking make it a great destination.  It has that great laid back Caribbean feel.

  1.  English – Belize is an English speaking country which makes it very easy to get around.  However many of the local people have a strong Caribbean island accent, more like Jamaica.
  2. The Beaches – they are beautiful with gleaming white and perfect Caribbean blue water.  However the beaches are not fluffy white sand.  The islands are made of white mud, so the beaches are more hard pack mud with a light coating of sand over them.  Amazing to sit in lounge chair or hammock but not build  sandcastles with your kids.
  3. Currency – The Belize Dollar is half of a US dollar.  You can pay for things in local Belize dollars or USD easily. It does make price tags on things a little confusing so just confirm that the prices are US or Belize when you are going to pay for things.
  4. Belize City – Don’t stay in Belize City – it is not a pretty town, it is very run down and not very safe.  Land in the airport and transfer directly to one of the islands.  You can take a shuttle from the airport to the ferry station, check your luggage in with the ferry and take a 40 min boat ride out to Caye Caulker or San Pedro.  When you get off the ferry you can very easily take a golf cart cab to your hotel or hostel.
  5. Hostels – Belize city only has 2 hostels and they are outside of town far enough that you cannot walk to anything.  Caye Caulker is full of hostels and easy to find a place to crash.  San Pedro has a few but book ahead as it tends to book up fast.  North of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye does not have hostels, but they do have little resorts and hotels all along the coast that are beautiful and not super expensive.  Many rent canoes that you can take paddle around the islands.
  6. Onward Travel – At the ferry terminal in Belize City it is easy to catch a bus into Mexico, Guatemala, or inland to San Ignacio Belize.  The buses run multiple times a day and are not too expensive. However, they are not luxury coaches. Because some of the road conditions get rough and smaller buses do better with them.  They are quite reliable though and you will make it where you are going.
  7. Cell Service – Belize has its own cellular company DigiCell and most other carriers do not have coverage there.  I was able to get 5 gigs of data for the month and a sim card for around $25usd and it worked well.
  8. Uber – NO, not a thing in Belize.
  9. Diving – Belize has some of the best diving in the world.  The biggest attraction is the Blue Hole an enormous sink hole that makes for a very eerie decent straight down.  The snorkeling is also great.


Major Cities:
Belize City – very run down, not much to do or see
Caye Caulker – Island off the coast, easy to get to by ferry, take of point for many dives, very laid back
San Pedro – Island off the coast, easy to get to by ferry, more of a town, bit more beachy island
San Ignacio – Inland city near the boarder with Guatemala, excursions to see Mayan Ruins and cave tours
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