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VelaShape is a non-surgical,
FDA-cleared procedure that attracts those who would like to lessen the
appearance of cellulite and/or reduce the thigh and abdominal areas. This
particular body contouring technique firms skin and shrinks fat cells by
capitalizing on an effective combination of massage, suction, infrared light
and radio frequency energy elements.

As with CoolSculpting®,
VelaShape is not a weight loss treatment but rather a body contouring procedure
aimed at giving you a more toned, youthful appearance. Though results are
temporary—VelaShape is not a cure for cellulite—there is no downtime or real
discomfort. As an added bonus, VelaShape is safe for all skin types.

VelaShape* treats the following areas
for cellulite: arms; thighs; under the chin; buttocks; flank; and

What to Expect

The good
news: Those who have tried the VelaShape treatment describe it as a relatively comfortable
procedure. It’s often compared to a warm deep-tissue massage and is ideal for
those short on time—sessions depend upon the size of the area treated but range
from 20 minutes up to 35 minutes.

As your
practitioner moves the handheld VelaShape device in circular motions against
the select treatment area, the aforementioned winning combo of infrared light,
radio frequency energies and vacuum suction technology works in tandem to heat
subcutaneous fat cells, the surrounding connective tissue and collagen fibers.
The outcome: stimulated, improved collagen and elastin, creating a smoother,
tighter skin texture and a reduced circumference. (Note that treatments for
each area are performed in increments to avoid incidents of overheating or
burning. However, don’t hesitate to speak up if your skin starts to feel too
warm—the practitioner can adjust to your comfort and sensitivity levels.)

You may
experience mild bruising or redness but should be able to proceed with normal
activities immediately post-treatment.

Additional Info

Expect gradual results: It’s likely
you’ll notice smoother skin following a single treatment. However, optimal
results are usually achieved through several appointments performed at one-week
intervals (three treatments are typical, according to the product website). The average cost fluctuates from $800
to $2,500 per treatment series.

Is VelaShape permanent? Unfortunately
no, so a balanced diet and exercise plan is imperative to maintain results. A
routine maintenance session from time to time may also be necessary.

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* The current, most advanced VelaShape device
is the VelaShape III.


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