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Vitabroad | HealthTourism in Greece Introduction


VitAbroad is a full-service facilitator for medical tourism in Greece. We offer access to a wide range of medical travel plans, including healthcare for all kinds of treatments, accommodation, travel tickets, transfers, wellness and tourism services. Whether one is seeking medical, dental, surgical or wellness procedure, we are here to provide the perfect package in the best possible combination of cost and quality. It is highly important to emphasize the ensured quality of our services, stemming from our established partnerships with European & American board certified physicians, as well as state-of-the-art Greek hospitals and clinics. Along comes a network of affiliated travel agencies, hotels, personal drivers and other companies that provide additional tourism services.

The fundamental principle of VitAbroad is to offer a unique and memorable medical tourism experience to international patients by providing individualized treatment plans based on each customers’ needs. VitAbroad has a broad network of doctors, hospitals, healthcare providers, hotels, spas, transportation companies and other facilities in many Greek areas and islands.

Highlight Treatment:

All inclusive medical travel plans (doctor arrangement,operation, accommodation, transportation, flights, tours in Greece, helping with visa)

Language Support:

English, German, Arabic, Russian, Greek

We have office in:

Athens / Greece

Major Patients came from:

UK, USA, Holland, Germany

Payment Options:

Cash, Bank Transfer, Visa, Master Card, Other

(Viva payment)

Services & Rate:

– Plastic Surgery Breast augmentation (7 nights stay in Greece) 3,500-5,000 euro

– Rhinoplasty-nose (6 nights stay in Greece) 2,500-3,800 euro

– Facelift 1,500-4,000 euro

– In Vitro Fertilization-IVF (stay in Greece depends on the preparation) 3,000 euro

– IVF egg donation 5,000 euro

– LASIK 1,700 euro

– Femtosecond laser cataract surgery+implantation IOL 1,200 euro

– PLEXR-no surgery blepharoplasty 200 euro/session

– Dialysis treatment free for EHIC owners / 300 euro for non owners

….15% off to all medical tourism packages to European Youth Card owners

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